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Kelsey Holmes




Gratitude, bliss, growth, flow, and living life on purpose is what lights me up🌟🌱🙏 💜Rapid Transformational Coach Hypnotherapy-Mindset coaching-Yoga-Mind body connection 👉you are enough, you are worthy, you are deserving!! I am a mountain loving, hula hoop dancing, dog mama on a mission to empower badass women entrepreneurs create fulfillment and balance in their life and biz with out the hustle-struggle and overwhelm by cultivating alignment and confidence in their life and biz!🙌😍 💰Abundance and growth mindset 💙Confidence and self esteem coach 🏔Mountain girl 💛Rapid Transformational Therapist (regression hypnotherapy) 🧘‍♀️Yogi 💜Power of the subconscious mind 🌟Self care for entrepreneurs 💚You are enough ✨You are worthy 🧡You are deserving Entrepreneurship is a journey not a sprint! I help women create a biz/life balance that is sustainable and enjoyable to them! I help badass female entrepreneurs🤩💪 create flow, alignment and fulfillment in their life and business without burn out using my signature 1:1 Elevate You coaching program! Elevate You is designed to elevate your mind, body and emotions so that you can feel your best and enjoy your life NOW as you grow your thriving business! Montana 📍 Shoot me a DM if you would like to chat more! Check me out on Instagram 👇