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Located in Hong Kong , Keith is a Clubhouse OG (Cantonese 老海鮮)starting to social here from 2021 January. Started own Clubhouse Live Weekly Room 輕鬆講科技 (Tech Talk Easy) in May 2021 and still active now Keith's full time job is a website admin for phone , a tech news website in Hong Kong Clubhouse 輕鬆講科技 節目 房主之一。 正職為手機/科技資訊網站主編,實際都係大打雜一名。 遊走clubhouse 大小房間,靜雞雞做低調的另一個我。 Clubhouse for me now is a great music player, from current hit to classic, with House Music and Melodic Techno. I like to stay on the audience to enjoy the best quality of Stereo sound from Clubhouse. Sometimes I stand on the stage for dancing or supporting the host.