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Kei Esmaeilpour




☆ برای یک ملت هیچ بن بستی وجود ندارد، یا راهی خواهیم یافت، یا راهی خواهیم ساخت. ☆ ما دوست و دشمن دائمی نداریم، تنها دوست دائمی ما، منافع ملی ماست، که وظیفه ما ، دنبال کردن آن است. (لرد پالمرستون: نخست وزیر انگلستان، ۱۸۸۵) " We have no eternal allies, and we have no perpetual enemies. Our interests are eternal and perpetual, and those interests is our duty to follow " ______________________________________________ 🟥 MSM, PMP, BMET. 🇨🇦 Bsc. Electrical Eng. (I & C) & Medical Equipment Technologist (BMET), PMP (Project Management Professional) since 2008 (PMI) , 🔺️ MSM - Meritorious Service Medal, 2019, awarded by Governor General of Canada. 🔺️ Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, 2013, Governor General of Canada. □ Technical Advisor (Energy & Medical equipment)- (MSF Since 2014 ). MSF Expath in 13 countries in Africa & Asia. 🔹️ Member of international associations: (MSF) and (EWB). 🔸️ Founder of a Canadian Socio-Political NGO, 🔸️ Founder of a Canadian Professional NGO. 🔸️A Founder of a Canadian Educational NGO 🔸️A former BOD member of a professional NGOs: IE & HCP, ● Writer of Citizenship Handbook, Canada. ● Citizens Representative of the city in TSC committee, 2008 - 2011. ◇ RBC top 75 Canadian immigrant . ◇ TED Talk Reviewer. ◇ Freelance photographer & Journalist, 2 international awards.