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🌏Chief Metaverse Officer / Architect 🕋 🏂Digital Assets / NFT Fashion Designer🤾🏼‍♀️ 🚆Robot Cosplayer / Virtual Performance Artist🗼 🎪Avatar Convention Center Builder🐳 —————————————————— 🚀Blender / Unity / Magicavoxels 3D Modeler🏜 🕺🏼NFT Music / Wearables Creator🥼 🚁Drone Photographer / Video Editor🎥 —————————————————— 💡Human Resources Specialist⚖️ 📊Organizational Manager 🌐 🎂Events Producer / Performer🎭 ——————————————————- 🤖Robot Puppet Show Creator🎭 🥁Funky Drummer / Spatial Sound Engineer 🎼 🎻Dream Funk Synthwave Music Producer 🎹 —————————————————— 🌴Los Angeles, CA☀️🌊 —————————————————— 🎂About me: My parents brought me up in opera houses, theater companies and classrooms. As a kid, I acted in tons of productions, played drums and piano at schools, churches and bands. 🎭🎹🥁 Dad was a jazz record company owner- genius saxophonist🎷. Mom was soprano in operas. Both were educators. I literally grew up in a magic castle🏰.Free to create and dream. I loved robots and video games🎮 I have a bachelors degree in music business🎼🎓💸 (whatever the hell that means). I’ve acted in films and produced music in Hollywood and overall it sucked because the culture is toxic (it was for me at least because I challenge bs and unscrupulous business practices).🤢🎩 —————————————————— ⭐️I’m open to value driven collaborations and community building.⭐️ 🏆What would it take for you to visit my Metaverse parcel, The Avatar Convention Center? If you locate our guestbook we’ll drop a free NFT Wearable in your cryptocurrency wallet. Click on my IG & link tree for more😎