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Kavita Singh




I’m a Business Coach and Cosmic Seer. I enjoy the experience of seeing others create a reality that they choose to flourish in by unleashing their power and finding a unique path to their greatness. I am multi-passionate about many things and therefore have multiple businesses and platforms. 💰One of the biggest problems that people have, no matter their background is increasing their capacity to receive. When they don’t receive the energy inverts and they instead create patterns of illness and unconsciously block money from flowing into their realities in a natural and sustainable manner. That means they are getting unexpected bills and things always seem to be happening to “take from them”. If this is you, or someone you know, I’d encourage you to go through this experience of increasing your receiving frequency with me. Join my simple yet intensive gratitude challenge here to work on increasing your capacity to receive. DISCLAIMER: It is not the kind of challenge that you will be able to do on your own without a little guidance to address any unique challenges you face in your reality as you embrace this journey so it’s setup for me to respond to you whenever you feel the need to reach out. So if you are ready to change your life then this is your 1st step.