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Katie Irving




Founder of MOONSHOT. Uncovering the culture, trends & mindset of the world’s most powerful generations: Gen Z + Gen Alpha. ♣️ Club: MOONSHOT Formerly: ⚡️Abercrombie & Fitch ⚡️Hollister ⚡️Chloé ⚡️Gilly Hicks ⚡️Abercrombie Kids 🗣 Join me: WEEKLY POWER HOUR: 🔮 Youth Culture x Fashion 🔮 (Thursdays at 2pm EST) 💪 On a mission to revolutionize the fashion industry by aligning brands with the radically new values of Gen Z + Gen Alpha. Here to share insight and add value: 1️⃣ Youth Culture: Gen Z and Alpha 2️⃣ Future of Fashion 3️⃣ Ethics and Sustainability 4️⃣ Employed to Self-Employed 5️⃣ Working Mothers 6️⃣ Bootstrapping Founders 🌐 🌐 *FREE* Youth Culture Report @ link-in-bio | | | 👇