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Katie Casillas




✨Social Media Strategist & Mentor for Mom Entrepreneurs 🔥 (tap for more) ✨Community leader for the MOB, an award-winning national alliance for mom business owners [networking, community, education] You could say Marketing, Motherhood & Entrepreneurship are my JAM 🦄 I believe: ✨that social media should ALWAYS be relationship building + value adding FIRST ✌️ ✨in community over competition ✨that you CAN be your own boss, make significant income, and enjoy quality time with your family, and that you DESERVE to have all this and more 🔥 Open to collaborations, speaking gigs, ambassador opportunities and allies in entrepreneurship 🤝 ** Looking for ONE KICKASS SPONSOR for the inaugural season (12 episodes) of a MOM Entrepreneur focused podcast launching in Q2 2022** ⤵️ DM or [email protected] 💌