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Kathrin Bussmann




🌎 International Marketing Consultant helping Cleantech companies go global 🎙 Host of The Worldly Marketer Podcast ✳️ Founder of The Worldly Marketer Club 🇨🇦🇩🇪 EN-FR-DE 📍Toronto I enjoy exploring topics around global branding & global marketing. That’s why I launched The Worldly Marketer Podcast in 2016, and it’s why I founded The Worldly Marketer Club here on Clubhouse. Join us! And mark your calendar for our weekly “Worldly Marketer Chat”, which happens at 12 noon Eastern Time on Fridays. It’s a chance to discuss topics such as: • international marketing strategy • multilingual content creation • translation & localization (l10n) • international SEO (iSEO) • software internationalization (i18n) • website globalization (g11n) • World UX/UI best practices • regional digital trends • cultural intelligence (CQ) • cross-cultural communication • and more! I feature a different co-host and special topic every week! #TWMClub #TWMChat More about me: ✅ As the Producer & Host of The Worldly Marketer Podcast, I explore what it takes to go global in today’s digital, social, multilingual marketplace. #TWMPodcast ✅ As President & Chief Strategist at Verbaccino Inc., I help global-minded Cleantech companies being their solutions to the world through well-informed international marketing strategies. 🌐 ✅ Member of The Global Chamber 🌐 ✅ Member of the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) 🌐 ✅ Co-Founder of the Women in Localization Eastern Canada chapter (WLEC) 🌐 ✅ Ph.D. in Linguistics from Humboldt Universität zu Berlin 🥐 Je parle couramment français (avec un p’tit accent québécois). 🥨 Ausserdem spreche ich fliessend deutsch. 🌮 Y hablo también un poquito español.