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I help ambitious professionals lead more fulfilling lives by doing more of what they love in business and life. Massive Optimism: Sign up to receive five ideas to inspire you each week at 🎤 Create For No Reason podcast I’m a multi-passionate CEO, Certified Dream Manager, writer, fitness enthusiast, book lover, idea generator, coach, and learner doing my best to leave people and things better than I found them. Right now I’m sharing my ideas on my podcast, Create for No Reason. 🎤 ♣️️ Founder of the Club Massive Optimism. Our rooms are filled with all things positivity and ideas to help you grow. 💜 DMs open for personal and professional connections. Topics I speak about and CoMod rooms on: ✨ Mindset & Personal Growth ✨ Leadership & Empowerment ✨ Company Culture ✨ Business Strategy & Marketing ✨✨Founder of Inspired Action, a monthly mastermind helping women gain clarity around their dreams and start taking action immediately. ✨ Interested in becoming a life coach? Become a Certified Dream Manager: I am here to connect with cool people doing interesting work in the world. DM me on Insta and let’s see how we can support each other. 🇺🇸 🖤 📍Located in West Palm Beach, FL