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Kate Tyson




Brand storyteller and marketing mentor. (She/her) I’m here to talk about ✅ brand stories (why they’re awesome and why you need one) ✅ getting visible and confident with your marketing ✅ the power of brand-centred content (consistency and key messages) ✅ empowering female business owners - the tools and techniques to be awesome. You can’t make 💰💰💰 if nobody can see you. My goal is to empower heart-led female entrepreneurs to get VISIBLE with their brand marketing and make waves. I’m doing this through 1:1 mentoring programmes and workshops, with amazing results. 20 years of marketing communications experience - brand stories, PR, digital campaigns, crisis comms... but lost famous for being the keyboard behind Purple Ronnie’s fan club in 2003 😂 ** A caffeinated unicorn of excellence** Build your brand, tell your story, grow your business.