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Kat Smith




Human Design Educator (IHDS): Shamanic Practitioner : Cacao Medicine Ceremonialist : Orgasmic Preacher : Peaceful Role Model, and Voice of the New Awareness : 4/6 Emotional Manifestor, 12/22 RAX of Eden 🧬 House: Human Design Initiation: Daily rooms @11am Lisbon time 🇵🇹 Programs: The Mechanic of The Miracle (the logic) a Living Your Design Program. Open to Eden (the Magic) “I've done many programs and trainings. I feel like other programs have had pieces of ‘value' and have been overall valuable. With Kat I feel like there's another depth of integrating and something else happening with it. It's smart and logical and makes sense and is grounded and helpful in a 'personal living' way and 'personal being' way, but there is something subtle and spiritual, healing, medicinal, changing, and divine underneath the technical structure and content. I feel I've never experienced anything like this before, that is a help in both outer and inner life. It is one of the best things I have ever done and been part of.” - Rebecca S "Before working with Kat I was confused and lacked confidence. Now I feel at peace in myself, confident to express my truth without holding back. There's this completely new level of trust in permitting the words of my heart to be spoken without them getting blocked. My heart feels open and free. And I feel just how limitless I am within. Blessed for this experience of life. In gratitude of how it unfolds and bathing in love. I also have this deep reverence for myself and my personal power, in awe of my purpose in serving the world to open their full selves to be expressed. Thank you so much Kat!" - Matt L Are you ready to Human Design? Book you chat with Kat now 🌈 Radical Experimenter 🧪 Love Yourself ❤️ Peace ☮️