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Karla Marie Williams




Encouraging MOMS 2 PURSUE THEIR DREAMS while INSPIRING THEIR CHILDREN to do the same through INTEREST-LED LEARNING. Author, keynote speaker, course creator, and consultant on interest-led learning for homeschool families. My books on UNschooling (HOMESCHOOL GONE WILD & TEENS UNLEASHED), foster care/adoption, and books on inspiration for moms (Mom~Spiration, Let Go!, and more...) are on AMAZON. I have also spent the last ten years training and consulting foster/adoptive families, social workers, and child/family advocates on trauma competent parenting in ten countries. 💓Unschooling Mom of 6 teens (13 years) 💓Author (9+ inspirational books) 💓 International Speaker (10 countries throughout Asia, Africa, Latin America) Let's talk about... 🔑UNschooling/Homeschooling 🔑Inspired Mompreneurs 🔑Trauma Competent Parenting (Foster Care/Adoption) 🔑Marriage 🔑International Travel & Culture OFFER: Check out our Interest-led Learning Boot Camp on ( Sign-up on Linktree in Instagram bio)