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🔥Helping you step into your personal power, leadership, infinite potential, and shine your light🔥 WHO IS KARLA? ✨ Founder of EmpowerCon | Leader | Embodiment Coach | Keynote Speaker | Author | Survivor of DV + SA ✨ It is my mission to Elevate, Empower, Educate, Energize, & Equip you with transformational tools and resources to overcome life’s obstacles, so that you can actually live the life you desire! Founder of ⚡️EMPOWERCON⚡️ a 3-day virtual experience like no other… part retreat, part conference, part community, resulting in a reset + renewal for your breakthrough year! 💌 DM "EMPOWER" to find out more! Hang with me if you are ready to: 💥Free yourself from the constraints placed upon you by time, money, society… 💥Feel safe to be seen, heard and DO the things that light your soul on fire. 💥Be an incredible partner, parent, friend, leader… 💥Release all the “shoulds” and “should-ofs”, release all the guilt, shame, resentment… 💥Step into the powerful version of you who is confident, abundant, successful… 💥Tap into infinite possibilities ✳️ Lover of Sunsets, nature, adventure + life, and I love to chat about all things Personal + Professional Development with a side of Science + Woo!: 🧠 Mindset ✨ Manifestation 💫 Sexuality + Spirituality 🌟 Human Design 🧘‍♀️ Meditation/Breathwork 🏋️‍♀️ Heath and wellness 🗣 DV/SA Awareness + Prevention 👯‍♀️ Networking + Collaboration ❤️ Relationships 🤩 Leadership 🫵 Self Awareness + Personal Power More street cred... 💥 I'm a survivor of 10+ years of domestic and sexual violence, and over 14 years as an advocate and teacher for survivors + professionals nationwide 💥 Nominated for “Woman of the Year” and named by the Journal Record as a "Woman Making a Difference" and an "Achiever Under 40" 💥 Recognized by the Business Times "21 Leaders for the 21st Century" 🎤I'd love to share my story + gifts with your community, on your podcast, retreat or next event! Let's connect! I have 2 1:1 Coaching/Mentorship Opportunities. DM “READY” to have a convo, or {Link in IG Bio} Join my FREE Community "Embody Pleasure + Prosperity" DM "GROUP" for more info. Let’s connect! Sending you grace, gratitude + abundance, Karla Docter, BFD PS Grab your seat at EmpowerCon for 80% off for a limited time! {DM EMPOWER or grab Link in IG Bio} 🖤