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Karissa Harrison




Certified Enneagram Coach & Consultant🏹 I help leaders and business owners use the Enneagram to create a plan for personal and spiritual growth that works so well, everyone around them notices the results 🔥💪🏻📎 ✳️ Hosting: Your Enneagram Questions Answered // Thursdays at 1P PST ❓Bring your Enneagram questions and join us on stage or listen in the lounge as we talk about how this personality framework can help you show up as your best self 💪🏻 💡You can’t change what you can’t see, and the Enneagram helps leaders see themselves with incredible clarity 🍃 The Enneagram growth process can help you become... ⭐️CLEAR about who you are and why you do what you do. ⭐️CONFIDENT in your ability to leverage your strengths and transform your weaknesses. ⭐️CENTERED in a deeper awareness of God’s unconditional love towards you. ⭐️COMPETENT as you become the kind of leader everyone wants to work with. 🎤Pastor, speaker, and executive leader who has served in both large and small churches for more than 15 years ⛪️ 💥Passionate about helping leaders and teams develop the emotional intelligence they need to make their strategies work! Need help figuring out your Enneagram type? Grab a free guide in my IG bio 🔗 Let’s co-host or collaborate! DM me on Instagram 👇🏻