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Karim Sayar




Blockchain Project Manager Any coin I choose must have: *A great team *Strong tokenomics *An upcoming market opportunity in the near future *Measured roadmap progress *Strong underlying technology Stakepool operator on Cardano : Meapool ticker MEA stand for Middle East & Africa. @meapool1 How to make money while helping children with learning disabilities in the Middle East & Africa Do you own $ADA? You are missing out one of the easiest passive income of your life. 5 to 6 % ROI Step 1. Create a wallet (Daedalus, Yoroi) Step 2. Transfer all your $ADA from exchange to wallet Step 3. Delegate all your ADA preferably to a mission driven small stake pool with good purposes like MEA pool Step 4. Make money 5 to 6 % ROI while help children with disabilities in MEA regions to continue their education and have access to information ✅ 25% of the pool rewards will go to charity in Africa