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Karen Womack




“The Launch Lady” What I’m servin’ up: I help entrepreneurs grow from💡 to 🚀 and beyond! ON THE MENU: 🌟Brand Development 🌟Social Media Strategy 🌟Creative Marketing 🌟Launch Event Planning Founder/CEO: Launch is Served™️ @launchisserved 🔗 🍽💰 Join us at The Launch Table Founder/Ceo: The Culture Campus @theculturecampus - 🔗 An authentic apparel brand I started with my teenage daughters while quarantined during the pandemic. Co-Founder/Creative Director: TheraTees™️ @theratees - 🔗 Home of THE dopest mental health apparel out here in these streets. Couple other thangs... Mom of 4 👸🏾 👸🏾 👸🏾 🤴🏾 🧡🖤🐅 Princeton U. Alum 🐘🔺 Soror ✈️ Airline Industry Sales Rep