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Karen Hoffman




A lifelong learner and helper, I live my life intentionally, on purpose. I love connecting dots- people, passions and purposeful living. With gratitude, generosity, empathy and curiosity, I am my most authentic self when growing with others - holding space, listening, sharing, inspiring, and always seeking wisdom and insights. I enjoy facilitating workshops and conversations around “words that matter,” universal values. My greatest passions are family and living authentically, focused on people-first, as I continue to learn, grow and share. * CEO - (E can be Encouragement, Engagement or Executive - I’m all three) Living on Purpose, LLC * Designer/Creator Words that Matter card decks, sparking thoughtful conversations for all ages * Published Author - 5 anthologies on values and words that matter. * Facilitator - workshops and retreats * Mindful Living Guide - helping curious people explore varied modalities of mindfulness * Grief Facilitator with Faith & Grief * Compassionate Integrity Alum, LIFE University, Atlanta * Connector - people, passions & purposeful living * Content & Resource Creator - tools to help others live their lives with attention to intention * Experienced Nonprofit Administrator, creating and writing my next chapter of life with joy and meaning My mission in life is to help others: Live life authentically - fully on purpose - bringing attention to intention in all you do and all you are. Favorite Poem: Rumi’s Guest House, where each day, we are greeted by (and invited to embrace) life’s range of emotions. ☑️ Living in harmony 🎶 is more realistic than living in balance ⚖️. (Life is rarely “in perfect balance”) ✅ Be and do what matters most! ✔️ Know your “why” in life and keep it front and center. Define and embrace your moral compass and let it anchor you. 👀 observe what’s needed from you; then, serve and give with humility. Words matter. Be authentic. Be intentional with all you do. Be your best self. Believe. Embrace. Trust. Listen. Live, love and heal with gratitude & compassion 🙏🥰 HUGE champion of the Pause-Breathe-Reflect movement, as a way to live each day, taking notice and embracing all facets of life. Join the PBR community here or other social media. Visit my website to learn more at