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Paul Jochico




🕺 Co-owner of House of Movement (@homnyc) 🌱 Host of Kapwa Konversations podcast ( 🧘‍♂️ Movement & Mindfulness Practitioner 🧠 Organizational Psychology Consultant A believer of liberation through conversation. Kapwa is the Filipinx indigenous wisdom of shared inner-self. It is a reminder of our relationship to ourselves, to each other, and with the land. Clubs to join: ➡️ Filipinx Community ➡️ decolonization practice Offerings on CH: 🌬 Second Wind: It’s Not How You Fall, But How You Get Back Up (Bahay Kubo) 🫂 Guided Meditation for Kapwa (decolonization practice) DMs are Open Filipinx-American 🇵🇭 📍NYC