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Kane Simms




🏅 Top 10 Voice AI influencer 2020, Voicebot.AI 🏅#1 featured author, Harvard Business Review, ‘The Year In Tech 2021’ 🏅VF Hero Award, 2021, Voiceflow 🏅Top voice influencer to follow on Twitter, SoundHound 🏅Consistently voted top voice AI podcast, Behavioural Signals, Trinity Audio, Houndify, Voice Tech etc etc Founder, VUX World, conversational AI consultancy and industry-leading podcast, helping brands, agencies and individuals create world leading conversational AI for websites, apps, voice assistants, call centres and messaging. Can speak to conversation design, strategy and implementation of chatbots, Alexa skills, Google assistant actions, voicebots in IVR and contact centres, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp business chat etc etc.