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$firstclassone Video Podcast marketing business + confidence coach 🎬💰 Podcast talk show host Media personality | speaker | actress | influencer | God is my CEO | intercessor | prophetic voice Previous: Obama White House 📲@_kami_simmons across all socials! 🛜 visit 📍Need help discovering your industry expertise? DM me on Instagram for a consultation! (Budget needed) Talk show host | public relations | journalist ✨ Former: Obama White House (DMV), Viacom 📍Atlanta 📺SEEN ON + WORKED WITH: White House | Yahoo News | xoNecole | FOX | Billboard | iHeart Radio | Halo Awards | HLN | TMZ | 21 Ninety | Forbes | NBC | Viacom CBS | BET | CNN |iHeart Media | REVOLT | TMZ | Shout Out Atlanta | Sheen | Voyage ATL | Brand partnerships: Palmer’s | Bank of America | Toyota | LinkedIn 🎬Trensetta Lounge host and producer 📲 Check me out ➡️ 💰: $1firstclassone 💬TEXT ME: +1 (219) 649-1594 👀Looking get visibility, attract traffic, engage, convert leads, nurture & grow, optimize, and scale your brand and business? 💰Stay tuned for tips and tricks to leverage media to get more visibility in front of your ideals consumers and fans and covert them to sales and customers. 📸🎙️Entertainment news Come for the entertainment and stay for the information and inspiration! First Class digital community & network to help people grow & scale their money, content, and impact! About me: 🪷Life coach and women empowerment mindset speaker teaching entreprenuers to overcome lack, insecurities, and tell their truth! 🥬Trying to be a pescatarian 🪩👟Love to dance for cardio Main goal? Inform, inspire and energize 👀My intent on CLUBHOUSE: -Share my 💎s! -Book guest for the Trensetta Lounge show and subject matter experts, speakers, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs for my media & business training community. -Seeking speaker, host, and panelist opportunities (virtual and in-person) -Partner with brand sponsors/ influencer opportunities. 👩🏾‍🎓✨Columbia University ———————————————————— 🗓: Media Mondays every day 6am est |5 cst |3 pst- prayer and inspiration! 10pm est - wind down time! Join me every day here on CLUBHOUSE! 📩 Let’s connect [email protected] Single 🧠Topics covered: mindset, storytelling, sales, sponsorships, pitching, beauty perception, Instagram management, TikTok, social media mastery, marketing, content creation, media, pitching, and artificial intelligence.