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🔴WHEN YOUR HEAD ClEARS YOUR VISION WILL TOO!! 🔴KAY - Kamini And You as Impact@Kamini And You👉 is offering Life Impacting Coaching sessions to You, who would like to Invest Time and Energy on Self Development...🦸and rediscover that Superpowers you always knew, residing inside you. 🔴 Kamini has been in this field from 2010 Initially started with learning NLP for herself she decided to put it to practice to help learn better. 🔴Children from the ages of 5+💗 have learnt to be aware of themselves, their thinking, their behaviour, their abilities or Skills and thus learn to understand their environment and family.... 🔴When Kamini works with one person in the family, it's like the whole family gets to reap💞 the benefits.... The 💪power of the Impact🔥 is such that the ⚡⚡Ripples created impact the Individual who is being Coached and their near and dear ones...❤️ and more...much more.... 🔴There is so much on offer.....And, you understand how the SYSTEM WORKS SIMPLY, GRACEFULLY and BEAUTIFULLY.🧚. 🔴We are offering Group and/or Individual Sessions depending on how you prefer. 🔴If you want to discuss further we are open to a conversation to see how we can support 🫂, send us a message (DM) on Instagram or email to [email protected] 🔴Coaching can be done in blocks over Phone or Zoom Call.