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If you want to learn about web3, NFT, Blockchain, Crypto, Metaverse. Why large corporates are buying virtual lands and setting up offices there ? Which lands are more more expensive. How landlords makes money renting it out. Why NFT are popular and use cases ? What is blockchain and bitcoin ? How to invest in crypto currency ? How to raise capital in crypto markets for different projects ? How to move your application from web2 to web3 ? How to a job in the IT industry for non tech people what jobs are available in metaverse ? Please subscribe to the youtube channel to learn about these. And also follow the discord server Also available for 1-1 or 1 to many groups session in these topics. I run a global team of Professionals in Tech, Finance, Blockchain and Crypto Architects Assets Tokenization - Raise capital funds for your business from Crypto Markets WhitePaper Project Road Decentralised Autonomous Organization (DAO) creation Book your Consultation today - DM Chairman/ MD of Flugelsoft Group Crypto Funds Manager/ Blockchain / Tech Advisor / Angel Investor/ Management Consulting Based in : 📍 Guwahati / Mumbai / Delhi, India Education : BTech (Electronics Engineering) - NIT Kurukshetra / MBA (Pune University - PUMBA) Professional Speaker on Metaverse, NFT, Blockchain , Crypto Currency at Different Business Forums, Colleges, Universities Globally. DM to connect. 📢 How to become a blockchain developer (For Tech and Non Tech) ➡️ Need help in minting your NFT or Blockchain Projects give a buzz 😎 Crypto day trader and blockchain developer 📢Crypto trading for beginners _ Academics : Judge at Smart India Hackathon 2020/21. In Syllabus Committee of various Universities and Business Schools for Computer Science and MBA. A few interests & facts about me: ▪️I have acted in Regional Feature Films ( Bollywood & Hollywood is next) ▪️Provide Internships to Tech and MBA guys in different domains. Connect with me in Linkedin __ Elearning courses in Udemy How to become a blockchain developer (For Tech and Non Tech) _ Youtube Channels Crypto NFT Blockchain Developer - Flugelsoft