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Kalman Deyman




Proud Member of the Tribe. 🇮🇱 Proud Immigrant, Soviet Refugee 🇺🇸 Proud American - Grateful for the opportunity for upward economic mobility America has granted. Grandson of Holocaust Survivors. Survivor of Communism. My Grandma’s family was murdered. Gunned down by the Nazi’s and their Collaborators. Their names are Roohla, Zalman, Sarah, Klara, Lona, and Lena. May their memories be a blessing. Zionism is a central part of Judaism. Zionism is the right for self determination of the Jewish tribe in our ancestral homeland that we are indigenous to. Only Jews can define Antisemitism. Anti-Zionism is Antisemitic and Xenophobic. All attacks on Civilians are Terrorism. There is never a justification. Don’t bother with your woke mental gymnastics to prove otherwise. Politically Homeless - Socially Liberal, Fiscally Conservative. Attendance or Moderation in a room does not constitute my agreement or approval of topics, statements, or opinions.