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Kai Christianson




Mindset Heath Coach 🌎My mission🌎 to connect with other wellness practitioners on a mass scale to heal and empower individuals to become their healthiest and happiest self in this world *I don’t mind the follower count, I mind having deep rich relationships to know the people I’m in relation with. ⚡️Founder of Kaizen Wellness for You ✨ Certified IIN Health Coach ♥️ Mental Health Advocate 🤸‍♀️ Ex collegiate gymnast 👤 Love, intentionality, empathy leadership style 🌱 Sustainability, eco friendly, nutrition, spirituality, sports, outdoors 🌟 Self + business optimization 🤓 Obsessed with positive psychology, neuroscience and how the brain works 🖤Music is my love language (make me a playlist 😻) 🌱Health nut ♏️ Scorpio ⚡️Enneagram 8 🌎Dream is to collaborate in the mind and wellness space in New Zealand and travel the world Alaskan Grown | 🌵Arizona Planted We go farther together, apply to work with me ⚡️