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Kachina Gosselin




✨ Online Course Expert ✨ Helping exhausted entrepreneurs become Elevated Experts in their business starting with launching a Signature Course! Apply to our Mastermind to learn how. Pronounce my name: πŸ—£ ka - chee - na Pronouns (she/her) I coach ambitious entrepreneurs to become the CEO they are meant to be by systemizing and streamlining their businesses to scale without burning out! πŸ”₯ I teach expert coaches to build & launching Signature Courses so you can scale your services and stop trading ⏱ for πŸ’° APPLY TO WORK TOGETHER: πŸ‘‰ Hosting rooms on the topics of: πŸ”Ή Course Creation πŸ”Ή Business Systems πŸ”Ή Scaling & Automation πŸ”Ή Preventing Burn Out πŸ”Ή The Artist Way for Entrepreneurs Want to join my community calls in my exclusive Facebook community Elevated Expert Community topics covered: πŸ”Έ Market & Messaging πŸ”Έ Premium Course Content πŸ”Έ Authority Building And I help high achievers heal by creating a safe space to talk about mental health and living with integrity and authenticity. DM me to learn more about the High Achiever Haven! Who am I behind the business? Studied aerospace @ MIT, self-taught software developer, became an entrepreneur and now driven to support family-focused and purpose-driven entrepreneurs ... but that’s all on the resume. I’m also a: πŸ• dog (x2) & cat (x2) mom πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ aspiring yogi 🎻 beginner violinist β˜•οΈ coffee enthusiast 🌱 nature lover πŸ“ in DFW