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Critic Roshan




🇮🇳 ❗️Marketing professional❗️Hydraulics engineer❗️Exporter❗️Fitness-freak🏋🏾‍♀️ ❗️Autism-parent ❗️Malvani ❗️Mumbaikar❗️Hindu❗️Foodie❗️ Content-binger❗️ Business Traveller✈️ Watch my U-tube interview by @spoorti_sb on #autism #brewingwellness... 🔍 Interests : Wellness,Mental health,B2B Sales,Mktg communication for MsMEs,Politics/Psephology,Economics/Investment/Personal Taxation,Food & Travel,History, Current affairs,Bollywood,Sports,Nostalgia,Quiz,spiritual talk 👉If you are an overseas manufacturer/supplier of industrial hydraulic products & seek representation in India or need set up an all-India distribution network ,pl do connect … 👉If you have a child with autism & need help to cope & focus on your life/career ,pl do connect . Hopping around CH,exploring thoughts & ideas,listening to opinions. My following a person or presence in the room as audience,speaker/moderator doesn’t necessarily mean endorsement of all the views expressed . Speak truth,speak nice things sweetly, don’t speak bitter truth. Don’t speak incorrect things even nicely,this is eternal practice .—Srimad Bhagvat Geeta