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Kenny Barrett




Host 🎙The BlueShift Podcast 🤴🏾C.E.O. @teamblueshift 💜 Cancer Survivor 📖 Personal Development Coach 🗽 BK born / West Coast Living 💎 OBJECTIVE: My life’s work is (to teach people to use personal development to be better tomorrow then they were yesterday.) What does Success look like for me 1. Being able to learn everyday 2. Being able to network and build relationships among all walks of life 3. Being able to provide value Life’s lessons 1. I do not work for me, I work for everyone 2. I do not learn for me, I learn for everyone 3. Find out what god wants done and do it Purpose Mastering your destiny and fulfilling your dreams is the ultimate purpose of life. The dual secret of true wealth: Love for whatever you do and love for others. Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality. Team Blue Shift My vision is to help 1 million people believe in themselves and also to help 1 million people learn how to search for the treasure that wisdom brings. While also helping 1 million people understand that by educating 1 million more people we can shift the culture and show people the true value of consist Growth. 💎Add me on IG and send me a DM let’s build💎