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Learn from listening, receive and impart wisdom Meeting people who are real and open in spirit Make the best of my time here, can we talk... PERSONAL ME 🧨 I like meeting people who are real and generous individuals that bring an open spirit to their interactions. Everyone has the ability to connect with someone if they are open to new experiences. My life’s journey, like everyone else, has been fraught with ups and downs yet one of the keys to life is to wake up every morning and Reset for another day. 
BUSINESS ME 📎 Pre-covid, I was a Senior Account Executive with a premier fundraising event planning firm in NYC. ☀️ 23+ years dealing with mostly the top 1% of NYC patrons. ⛺️ Giving guided expertise to charities and non-for-profits to sphere head their major fundraising needs 🍽 raising money, planning events, managing staff and coordinating vendors. We serviced organizations like The Robin Hood Foundation, Michael J. Fox Foundation, ALSA Foundation, NFWF, Navy SEAL Foundation, NBCC, AMMI, etc..., this was accomplished through an event either as a dinner, concert, movie premiere etc. I loved what I did and it afforded me a great opportunity to expand my horizons, knowledge, skill set and contribution to working with organizations that are helping change the world by helping people in need in some way. QUOTE ME 📖 ❤️ To Love and Be Loved in Return, Nate King Cole CLUBHOUSE ME 🏠 Join my Club - Romance Novels Lovefest | The Binge CONNECT WITH ME 🌈 📧 [email protected]