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Justina Sylvia Gaston




Libra ♎️ 🖤 Born in 🇱🇨 Moved to 🇨🇦 Proud mamma of two . Love nature On a journey of finding my self . Work with Dementia people ,I am a restorative aid and a behaviour support of Ontario in the long term care Facilities. I am a Reseller at CrowdPoint Technology . What’s doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Out from the Ashes I rise I stand Tall by Justina Sylvia Gaston. Your power is yours to keep reach out and bring it back to you.❤️‍🩹❤️🌸🌈💋 By Justina Sylvia Gaston. Love writing ✍️ Poetry Music the soul food of the heart ❤️ Music wakes the part of the brain that has been asleep. Music is life.. by Justina Gaston Please flow simply Mindful/Simply speaking club ( show )from 6 AM to 8AM. #EverMindful Embrace the Wow Friday’s at 5 pm Eastern time . Come make some magic . VINX SOUL KITCHEN Vinx 0clock FIRST NOTE PLAY🎶🎶🎵🌈🎤 I rise you rise we rise.(Ali Deuso) , #hottinroof.#ffs #soundhealing #please play . words are a Costume of intentions. ACB AFRICA CARIBBEAN AND BLACK WELLNESS CENTRE. Helping those who are in need . Everyone is welcome Service offers Food bank, Seniors activity, summer camp, Recruiting, cleaning,and so much more. A member of Pray True Joined the 16 of March. # EverMindfulAfeqzzzmkq I’m a see f da d c tt sad as