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Are you a Christian woman who wants to get seen and paid online? 👉🏾 Go to Get my FREE Masterclass that teaches you how how to increase your visibility, credibility and cash QUICKLY. Are you an Christian Woman who wants to know how to use your expertise and experience to increase their income online? I can help! I figured out a long time ago that in order to succeed in Business that: Visibility + Credibility = CASH!™️ I Coach & Consult Christian Women like YOU, so you can: 🌻 Increase your Exposure & Visibility; ☕️Become a Trusted, Credible Authority on your Niche; 💸 Leverage your NEWFOUND Visibility, Credibility to help you generate more SALES & CASH for your business! Head over to to get my book Click To Cash In 2016 I was evicted from my home because I couldn't figure out how to make $800/monthly in my business. Fast forward to 2020 where I leveraged my Click To Cash Method to make over 6 figures in the midst of the Pandemic in 2020 and I did it again in 2021! In case you were wondering, My name is pronounced like my namesake's Stevie Wonder's 😉 Fun Facts about me: 📚 I’m an Author of 30 books! 🗣I've spoken on thousands of virtual and live stages! 🍏North Carolina A & T State University Grad with a BA in Public Relations & a MS in Human Resources 🌳I have an Honorary Doctorate in Leadership 📺 I’ve featured on BET, CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX and 100 more! 🧡I am located in the great state of North Carolina ⭐️If you like what I share here please feel free to contribute via: 💰 on PayPal 💰$SteviiAishaMills on Cash App 💰 on Buy Me A Coffee The proceeds will help support organizations that support girls and women worldwide. I’m a 🗣 Speaker and ✳️ Moderator on the following topics: 📖 Writing 📚 Books 🌱 Networking 🎯 Pitch Practice 👋 Clubhouse 📎 Small Business 🏹 Entrepreneurship 📈 Marketing 🌱 Networking 🌿 Wellness ☕️ Advice 📻 Podcasts 🕊 Faith ⛪️ Christianity 🕯 Spirituality DM me on instagram @ “JustStevii” to Collaborate! I’m VISIBLE almost everywhere - Let's Connect! 🌱 Email Me: [email protected] ✨ Text Me: (336) 303-0745 🌀Click To Cash Crew on Facebook 🎵 JustStevii on Tik Tok 📺 Dr. Stevii Aisha Mills on YouTube Join my House 👋 “Click To Cash Crew” by clicking on that House Icon at the bottom of my Profile!