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The Actual 1st healthcare worker to lose my Job!1 of 7 Whistleblowers of Illinois 1st 2call Police on Crimeagainsthumanity Westlake Hospital Vs Pipeline health May 2,2019! I was telling everyone 2get out b4 the plandemic came because it was going 2be devastating!My voice was small but together now we are a Big Voice! We are winning 🏆My pic is really me in 2019 in Chicago!Teaching the World to heal with God’s Modalities! Entrapenuer, shaman healing with love and light energy and oils. Showing the World to respect everything on this planet Mother Earth I recently got blown into a stranger!!! Dr David Simone made the “Trace-Amount Tour w/ Robert Kennedy Jr”God is real! I interviewed Dr David Simone 🥰🏆🙏👏🙏 I’m a private member of IADFW with Advanced Medicine 94 countries I help organize various organizations to rally in Chicago and suburbs! Follow us independent Whistleblowers and many healthcare professionals,police,firemen standup for our Health Freedom. Check out we are taking them down! SAT Media telegram rumble The White Rose Illinois telegram @Justinfromgod YouTube I’m a holistic healer relying only on donations via zelle👇🏽private email for consultation I also sell oils! [email protected] Earth ,Wind,and Fire Email me your phone and I will call you back. I certify all shipments via UPS Here I speak about shedding from being around vaxx people