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Hello "Just"❤️🥂 "কাঁটার মুকুটে ঈশ্বর প্রীতি নদীর দুকূলে নৌকোর স্মৃতি, অ্যালবাম জুড়ে অচেনা মুখেরা তারাও তো ছিল কারুর স্মৃতিতে, অসীম বন্ধুপ্রীতি, ক্ষিদের স্মৃতিতে খুদের গন্ধ প্রাচীন অর্থনীতি। মানুষের স্মৃতি বহু বিস্মৃতি শ্মশান বন্ধু টানে।" ----------------New addition 👆 "যদি সময়ে ফিরে যাওয়া শিখে যেতাম আরো ভালো একটা মানুষ নিজেকে দিতাম... আমি জানলে আগে আঘাত কি পেতাম.."🥂😃 I know if I laugh I look better n beautiful. I like unsolved challanges in life.. I get immense pleasure n strength after overcome it. I definitely win within few days. I got back my strength n energy to win one more battle. Now I'm going to finish this battle forever. Enjoy your victory with grand smile. ❤️🙏 I really respect my heart truly completely. Sometimes I'm amazed how my heart can be stayed so beautiful so that my head always gets turn up. ❤️❤️🙏 I'm my own biggest fan. 🥂❤️🍷😃 My life is easy. My life is simple. I love my life. 😀😃 Sometimes sleeping is the best medicine for you.🤗 Writing for your own is a prescription for your own.😀 Get up and love yourself. Repeat the same everyday.😀 "Stop a bit, lets appreciate LIFE." Men can get fired from their job, be in debt, all whilst going through a breakup/divorce and the only thing they’ll say is : “I’ll figure it out”. Built different...🥂 "The wise ones said: We will hide the secrets of the Universe in the heart of man. It is the only place where most will forget to search." 🌻🙂 Interesting to see your life different way.. problems are the keys of success n make your level high. It's interesting... Really 😃🥂🌱🌱🌱 Hi . When you will understand that you know me, you will start to lose me from that very moment. Hahaha 😃😄... Chiranjib.. the unanimous power of universe! Incomplete quotes: "Not everything touches your heart..." "In reality there's no limits..." "Sometimes it's very hard to get back your natural smile 😊.. really it's very hard sometimes." £#"What I search for ... a complete silence within me.. if I can't control unrest inside me, I want to produce a dead silence within me."#£ Take it as positive tone ❤️🍸 @** Sometimes you don't have to think outside the box but think like there is no box. 🥂It can be a woman's heart.💓 🕊😃