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Jurgis Didžiulis




Mixing my passion for music and social phenomenon to harmonise humanity and catalyze community: 🔥🔥 I serve groups and orgnisations through transformative musical play: 🙌 🙌 People refer to me as a: ⭕️ Musical Magician ⭕️ Transformational Troubadour ⭕️ Regenerative Recreationist ⭕️ Artivist ⭕️ Edutainer ... and I blush 😚 — I am also a — EU climate ambassador ☀️ Politologist & MBA 📈 Honorary Consul 🇨🇴🇱🇹 5x TEDx Speaker 📣 Eurovision Laureate 🌈 Voluntary Fire-Fighter 🧯 Global Citizen 🌐 with Colombian-Lithuanian roots 📩 reach out to me if you have a tribe, organization, or community that need activating, elevating or bringing together: ⚡️[email protected]⚡️ 📲 PM me if you have ClubHouse rooms that need musical activation / elevation ✔️ follow me if you’re into music for: community-building 🛠 social-transformation 🤹‍♀️ environmental impact 🌎 personal well-being 🧿 collective elevation 💫 🎧 Want to sound better on Clubhouse? Check my Youtube Videos “Sound Good Clubhouse + Jurgis DID”