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🎺 Trumpet Player at Large 🎹 Composer/ EM 🎧 Sonic Alchemist | Nature Sound Recordist 🎬🎥💽 MultiMedia Design & Production ⚙️ CMS, LMS Web Authoring ⛲️Systems Designer, Solutions Architect, & Technical Writer 🎓 MS in Communication Design; Instructional Systems Design & Media Arts 🎤 BA in Music; Recording Arts Over the past decades through my education and experiences in life and travel, I’ve grown to have a deep appreciation for culture, diversity, and stand in unity for all people’s rights to sovereignty, acknowledging the UN Convention for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and the UN Convention for Biodiversity. I stand for creating better systems for Sovereignty vs centralized consumer models for development of anything. 🎣 Fisherman 🪟Dreamer 🎼 Band Leader 🏋🏽‍♀️ Dad 🌴 Child of Nature 🤠 friend of thousands/ lover of peoples 👁 Conservation Advocate for Biodiversity & Indigenous Peoples and the rights to Sovereignty for both nature and peoples 🐲🍃🍄 Advocate for using Natural & Indigenous Medicine 🫐🌶🌽 Advocate for Non-GMO and Organic foods/ crops and bio-safety. Let’s stand up against bio-piracy, Genocide, and displacement of Indigenous Peoples