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Julie Morris




Thought leadership for cybersecurity, philanthropy, social good leaders, founders. I build audiences for purpose-driven brands. Developing leaders into thought leaders. 🌱 | The Future of Work, Healthcare, Tech, Capitalism, Society, Communcations πŸ€” | Human behavior, neuroscience, why we do what we do and how to market to humans πŸš€ | Gen Z and millennial involvement πŸ™Œ | Representation, racial & gender equity 🌳 | Philanthropy & social impact, ESG ⚑️ | Policy, advocacy, politics πŸ” | Cybersecurity, cryptocurrency, blockchain ⚑️Thought leadership & marketing clients: ➝ Fortune 500 leaders ➝ Member of Congress ➝ Philanthropy and nonprofit leaders ➝ National Grantmaker Member Org. ➝ CA politics ➝ Cybersecurity leaders A mother of two πŸ„β€β™€οΈ from California and based inπŸ“ Dallas, Texas. Follow me on LinkedIn to learn more. βœ… ** πŸ‘ LET’S CONNECT: LinkedIn ➑️ julie-michelle-morris 20267