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Julie Hogbin




🌟The Conscious Leadership Code 🌟Human Behaviourist🌟 Coach, Mentor, Trainer 🎤Podcast - Conscious Leadership 📚How to Create True Wealth - coming soon 🗣IG linktree link for FREE call 🇬🇧 UK based in the Garden of England Kent Property Investor, Author & Podcaster, Crypto investor 🔑 #ConsciousLeadership ‘connecting the dots & creating the links for success’ 🌻 I love intelligent conversation 🌟 Human Behaviourist 💧Transparency Specialist 🌪 Leadership Strategist 🦣 Management Consultant 🏘Property Investor HMO 🎤Podcast Conscious Leadership. Inc. A-Z of Business & Wealth Wednesday 🧩 Creator on Bookboon 🌟 Contribution Compass Profiler 🔔Wealth Dynamics supplier 🌗 Relationship Communication Analyst 📒Thrice Published Author: 1. Goal Setting - How to 2. STRESS - The Reality 3. Motivation - The authority with John Gray, Marci Shimoff & Raymond Aaron Traveller, Interested in the World & all it’s going ons. 🛎CH rooms GMT 🏘 Property Coffee Meet 7.30- 8:30am Monday-Friday Human Behaviourist worked with 10s of thousands of Leaders & Managers in Business - not much I haven’t seen & worked through with Business owners Leadership, Management & Business Consultant over 3 decades x Management Accountant x Auditor Clubhouse moderator Room creator 📒✏️ 🔥STRESS - The Reality + 50 top tips. Stress is preventable that is key to remember & learn (written during 2020 to help you & those you love) 📒✏️ 🎯GOAL SETTING - The Practical How to Guide. Interests 🌍 World Traveller (38 + counties) avid cultural learner 🦉Wisdom gathering & Learning 🌹Nature