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friends 💵 Crypto Enthusiast 🌿CBD MedSpa Owner @FoxRiverSpa🌿 😍Founder | Lash Lift | Henna Brow | Extensions | Brow Lamination 💋 🌱 Creator, organic CBD Spa Supply & Training 🌱 💪 Former Lead Therapist 5-Diamond Bellagio Spa (2004-2013) 🏆 3x Small Business of the Year Winner (Kane County, IL 2013-2022) 📚 Spa & Lash Business Training 🔥Board Certified Massage Educator ⛳️ Golf Lover 🎹Music Maker ☮️ Mental Health Advocate 🏦🏦Currently loving to help collaborate on crypto and cannabis education 🎓🎓 🌀Connecting with other Cannabis Spa & Salon Professionals, talking business with other W-2 employers, or talking markets with finance/investment minded folks weaves a web of support everyone levels up on. 🌀 I believe we can keep our spiritual stamina up, across all industries and walks of life, by collaborating on best practices and sharing stories. 💜🌍🎸 #TheShowMustGoOn I also love inspiring eyerolls from my beautiful daughters... “Make Good Choices!” #HollerAtDropOff #Everyday 🐒🐒 I'm not procrastinating! It's a side quest! 🧚🧚