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Ju Goodwin




I am a disabled man living in a care home. A fact that my social worker is doing as little as she can to change. It is so hard to try and engage with people that are mostly suffering from dementia. I tend to stay in my room listening to music which makes for a lonely existence again social services are doing as little as they can. It is very reminiscent of the show ‘The dumping ground’ apart from they were all young. I am desperate to escape these walls and I am finally getting help to do so from Mandy Jayne (my new hero). How that lady finds time to breathe I do not know!! I have led a fairly interesting life, I lived in Spain for 3 years and while I was there I learned Spanish, taught myself German and picked up a tiny amount of Dutch. I love learning languages, I think to be able to greet someone in their language is common courtesy. I can greet people in 8 different languages. I am writing a book about my journey through this life and will be looking for a publisher shortly. As soon as I find time to finish it, it has had to take a back seat at the moment as I have recently started writing a blog and that is taking a front seat and at the moment. Just one point, I am 30 years younger than the other residents.