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Ex-Creative Director at Google. Multi-hyphenate visual artist. “The Plug” 888 NFTs sold out in less than 2 hours. 🏳️‍🌈 Modeled for Adidas & Levi’s 💅🏽 Founder of Chiba Center 千葉センター - a Japanese 日本語 Language School for the Black Community. Sign up for classes and join our club here on CH! Our discord In 2019 I founded & lead a subsidiary ad agency called Naomi within Leo Burnett. We named it after the wife of Leo 😌. Invest bro; crypto, NFTs stocks, & in yourself. I’ve dropped a few gems. If you find one, keep it.. it’s yours. LOGIK’s clientele: Complexcon Chicago 2019, Nike, Apple, Jordan Brand, Courvoisier, Rolling Stone, Mountain Dew, Converse, BET, Levi’s, Soho House