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Juliana Todorova




🎯Here to Connect in Business +👂🏼🎧to Learn + 🎤to Share + to Serve + 💲to expand Cashflow + 💓 to Celebrate this Freedom of Expression platform 🌿I can guide people to create a residual income stream for themselves while being in a state of balanced emotions though Aromatherapy💧 🏵I am into Sustainability + Consistency + Self-Mastery +Self-Care + Self-Love + Self-Healing + Healthy Self-Esteem + Creative Entrepreneurship 💡 TIP: To feel more Energy, do More of the things that Light you Up & are aligned with your Core Values.☀️ 💖I Am Passionate About: Good Health + Travel + Foreign Cuisine + Exploration + 🌳Preserving & Communing in Nature🌲🏝 🌎Social Entrepreneurship & Positive Impact Investing 💰Conscious Business through Sustainability 🧠Mindfullness, Meditation, Breathwork🫁 🌿Aromatherapy + other holistic modalities + nutrition🍎🍌🍏 🧠😍Consistently evolving my Mindset 🥰A Marketer at heart that enjoys graphic design 🤩I Love effective communication & public speaking; lets talk in Bulgarian, English, Spanish or Portuguese…there is Always room for improvement!🎧🎙 💡Conscious Leadership & Innovation 🧘🏽🧘‍♀️Current Focus: Our Bodies have an intrinsic abilities to heal. ➡️Check me out: 🧠Nervous System & Aromatherapy: 🌎Avid Globe Trotter =55 countries and counting…✈️ 📍Lived in Europe, Africa, Mexico, and U.S.A. 🇧🇬Proud Bulgarian heritage & Immensely grateful to be an American🇺🇸 👑Life Experience = bountiful 🌟Limitation inspires Creation = leveraging opposing forces is where the solution is found🤩 😘Smile Please it will Do Your Nervous System Good = Time for Kindness + Compassion + Wellness + Inclusion + Global Solutions🌎🌍🌏🌱fast✅. 70%💧Clean water does a body good💧 🥂viva la vida🍷