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Ching Juhl 陈清




🧢 Documentary Film Director, Producer, Concert Violist, Arts Manager 🧢 YouTube Chanel: Juhl Media 🧢 Owner: Music Studio Manhattan 🧢 Director: My Yang Gang Diary a feature documentary on Amazon Prime Video 📍New York City ❤️ CLUBHOUSE HOUSE FOUNDER Smartphone Filming, Fri. 2 pm EST ❤️ FILMS & VIDEOS BY CHING JUHL A Trump Act, 3–min 2023 What is Your Name, 14-min 2023 One Night Stand, 1-min 2022 My Yang Gang Diary, 90-min 2021 Black Lives Matter, 9-min 2020 Viva La Viola, 60-min 2019 That Moment, 13-min 2017 Lingering Time, 30-min 2015 One Day On Earth, 10-min 2010 Practice, 30-min 2008 ❤️ MY YANG GANG DIARY AWARDS Best Documentary Feature Film 🧢 International Film Festival Manhattan 🧢 Toronto Documentary Film Festival 🧢 Rome International Film Awards ❤️ EDUCATION 🧢 New York University, Film/Video 🧢 Indiana University, MM 🧢 Shanghai Conservatory of Music ❤️ SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook - Music Studio Manhattan Instagram - My Yang Gang Diary ❤️ Google Ching Juhl 🙏🏼 Watch My Yang Gang Diary - Amazon Prime & TubiTV 🙏🏼Watch my videos - Juhl Media YouTube