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J Taramani




🔱 Knw the Power & knw the use of it. Life is a bubble of water.💧 Behavior Therapist, specialized in Austism. Interested not in workings of mind👽 🍊range is fruit for some & color for some. Respect perspectives. No one can rob u, u get robbed by your own greed🤣 👀नज़र बदलती है तो 🧜‍♀️ नज़ारा बदलता है Unless a professional speaker, only what is in our experience should be spoken💓. Be careful of whom U follow, the influence will effect your entire life. 🧠मन के भीतर दुनियाँ, मन से परे ध्यान 👁 🕳SURRENDER is the only way. Apne B🧘B🧘A ke bhakt.🙏 🙏My cutest coolest baba: SADGURUDEV DR SHRI TARAMANI BHAI JI