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JS Gilbert




I’m not exactly an influencer, but I am someone that influencers ask for advice. Copywriter, writer, creative, audio/ video producer, live video developer. Improviser, impressionist and former stand-up comic, fashion model and emcee. I’ve been working in advocacy and influencer marketing since the term influencer was “key opinion leader”. I’m also a voice actor. My voice has been featured in literally thousands of commercials, corporate videos, explainer videos, audio books, etc. Among the 300 or so gaming projects I’ve done voices for, is League of Legends. I’m Udyr, Gragas, original Mundo, Cho Gath and Sion. I’m also the voice of Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal, and a bunch of voices in Lord of the Rings Online. Businesses and individuals have turned to me for a variety of services. ⚡️713⚡️ I’m currently working on a new book, called “Foolishment -The Dumb Things That Businesses Do”. Also always looking at potential new business ventures. 😑