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Jeff Wellstead




I am a full-stack HR executive who works with ambitious tech and biotech companies who seek differentiated people strategies, using design thinking to radically re-think the way in which we manage the people operations functions in a cross functional, holistic and aligned approach. I support ingenious people and their teams to reinvent how they think, work, collaborate and deliver in an exponential organisation. My career has spanned over 25 years of HR leadership and consulting working within investment banking, consulting, technology (SaaS, Voice Recognition, NLP, AI/Machine Learning, eCommerce and biotechnology). I also work with exponential growth organizations to prepare for rapid hyper-growth across people, process and technology challenges to ensure vision realization. I think like a COO, vision like a CEO and ensure I connect the dots in creating attractive employer brand and retention strategies to ensure positive results and expansion strategy & tactics to smooth chaotic inflection points in company growth. I'm expert in all elements of human resource management as well as operational scaling of rapid growth companies. Love leading edge technologies, enjoying the insanity of constant learning, huge leaps of comprehension, never knowing if you've heard the latest It's an amazing time to be alive!