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Jennifer Jones




♥️LOVE ♥️KNOWLEDGE ♥️COMMUNITY Mindset Makeover Consultant 💋 I teach single introverted mothers how to come out of their comfort zones. So they can live a life full of God’s promises. IT STARTS IN YOUR MIND I promote self-love, mental health awareness and self development to all women. Start where you are NOW, look at where you’re going, to become the best version of yourself. I teach women the power of their inner beauty through self-love techniques. 🌹I am a game changer 🌹I am a creative with blessed hands and vision 🌹I am an entrepreneur 🌹I am imPACKful 🌹I am resilient 💋Owner of JenniferRoseBeauty A lifestyle and beauty brand for women all around the world. 👸🏾Accessorize your beauty inside and out 📚Solution Specialist 🎤Speaker 🗣Encourager SELFLOVE(mindset) and 🍃HEALING while sharing my journey 🧘🏾‍♀️Selflove (God’s love)saved my life ✍🏾God will get the Glory out of my story Healed ♥️ Heal ♥️ 🧬EVERYTHING I NEED IS IN ME 👀Believing is seeing 💪🏾Narcissist abuse survivor and advocate 🧸Single Mother of 3 💊T1D MOM 💯 DESIGNATED SURVIVOR 📍Sacramento, California 👋🏾Clubhouse Intentions 💘Connecting with my tribe 🧶Growth ✨Networking 🎙Voice family, fun,music,sneaker head, sports,travel, beauty,fashion, books, stocks, and much more. CashApp 🟩 $imdiamondrose