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Jared Rimer




My name is Jared. Thank you so much for reading my biography, and I hope you find what it offers of interest to you. I'm a disabled user of the community, using various technology to access the platform. Please read on to learn a little more about me and what I'm interested in. I'm involved in the technology field including teaching access technology since I was a teen. I also have been in the cyber security field, as someone who has learned and has had experiences with various aspects since 2006. I'm not certified, but my experience has taught me a lot. I also have a tech blog where I cover security and other topics such as updates to assistive technology, the driving cars and more. Its web site is at I'm also involved with Los Angeles Metro with some things as well. Some of the things include but not limited to accessibility work in relation to the transportation of people who are blind. I'm part of their accessibility advisory committee and observe other committees there as well. I also have my own website at as well as a site for a non-profit that bridges the gap between the blind and music education located at I also host internet radio shows playing independent artists, both spotlighting and playing a wide variety on Please check the schedule and see what you might like besides my programming. There may be something else you like. Also, I host a security type show there too. You can also check out a site I created mainly for the sighted to get resources and information on how the blind travel. The website is It was enspired after I was somewhere where they weren't sure how I traveled and told me how I was doing things wrong. I took it as a teaching moment, and tried to get resources which were hard to come by. Some resources I didn't like for one reason or another, others I liked. A former buddy of mine helped me with the resources and I greatly appreciate it. I also have been involved making a braille transcription program more accessible. The program is called Braille2000 and the web site I created for that project is if you'd like to check it out. There's more, please inquire if something catches your eye. Thanks so much for reading! I look forward in communicating with you.