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John Paul Isham (JP) [email protected] Gala entertainment - Games, Film and Music Blockchain Alchemist Investment Fund - Managing Director KallmeKris NFT drop - NFT Advisor Dr4g0nL00t - Founder 0N1 Force - Business Development and Communications VR / AR / XR Crypto NFTs Futurist - Human - Cyborg - Space Game Industry Cocktail Hour GICH AI/BIO leader - Dr. Radhika Dirks 30 under 30 women AI leaders you should follow First NFT artwork acquired - GodComplex collector card Inari 00-01 #157243 Artwork By IMCMPLX United Nations Global Compact Advocate United Nations Food Water Energy Advisor Nicknames - CyberAlchemist, Brother Nature, Sparkulator of Possibilities Gamer Tags - Cyb3rAlch3mist, CyberJunkee Syndicate Guild - D2JSP.ORG top guild owner/sponsor Grogu/Baby Yoda Drink Picture - Frank Berger Things to know about Clubhouse - 1) Be Respectful as you engage in conversation 2) Clubhouse clapping occurs with speakers/moderators by muting and unmuting quickly (2-4 times) 3) Support your community and follow moderators, speakers and people in the room