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As Sr Mgr of Long Beach Equity Partners, Inc & support team at the USA 🇺🇸 Money and You program. Our mission is to make the world 🌎 work for 💯 % of humanity. My personal MISSION: CLEAN AIR, WATER, FOOD, SHELTER & RENEWABLE ENERGY for 10 BILLION by 2030! My heroes are Walt Disney and R. Buckminster Fuller whose Imaginearing and Inventionearing brought amazing progress to our World 🌎 🌍 🌏! Did you know Epcot was modeled after Bucky’s World Fair Exposition? HAVE YOU LEARNED BUCKY’s GENERALIZED PRINCIPLES through fun games through the internationally acclaimed Money and You program? A little about me. I am a LA based Eco Master Plan community Developer. LUXURY HOMES & AFFORDABLE HOUSING. We engineer duplicatable and profitable civil plans to be fiscally and resource efficient in mixed use residential, retail and entertainment units. In addition, CSULB LECTURER, Master of Communication with experience in Teaching & writing Textbooks in accredited courses: *Public Speaking, *Argument and Debate *Organizational Communication *Interpersonal Communication * Intercultural Communication * Small Group Communication *Storytelling *Story Ensemble *Students Talk About Race *English Second Language *Financial Literacy In addition to certificate instructor: Pilates Yoga Jazz Joygago As well as creator of multiple intellectual properties in production. I am the possibility of “Making the world 🌎work for 💯 % of humanity and ALL LIFE in the least amount of time through spontaneous collaboration with the least ecological offense or disadvantage of anyone.” - Bucky My charity experience also includes: Co-founder of a Non-Profit “Shoestring City Ranch” Justin Rudd’s Community Action Team, Meals on Wheels. My political Experience includes Campaign Phone Banks & Speech Writing CH GOALS with Integrity: * Assisting others with Passive Revenue Streams * LONG TERM: Incorporate LA Eco City of the grid!! * Ángel wish: to win back my ECO URBAN FARM HOME & PERFORMANCE ART PIECE 225 Terminó Avenue Long Beach, California 90803 (any kick ass attorneys help! ) IN PROCESS!! * BLACK CROWES PLAYING AT MY DIAMOND BIRTHDAY 🥳! Make a Wish @ 11:11 everyday!! ********************************** Call me and let’s connect! [email protected] Call/Text Direct +1-562-841-1100 Facebook Joy Megas Instagram Megasjoy Twitter @joymegas1 Cash app $joymegasiq