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💡“Who is wise? The one who learns from every one.” Pirkei Avot 📚 Yale, Harvard, NYU 🦩 PhD, Education and Jewish Studies MDiv, Judaism 🔑🚪 Founder of Opening Doors Club on CH and administrator of Jewish Tribe and Friends Club 🍎 Jewish educator, with experience teaching HS, gap-year, college, and adults Organizer of CH “Salon” Series with Pioneers, Prophets, and Pariahs Facilitator of Existential Learning of Sources of Jewish and Human Wisdom Convener of “SUMMIT” Retreats ✏️ Writer, featured in Tablet, The Forward, Jewish Currents, EJewishPhilanthropy 🖊 Author of Poetry Collection: “Let us remember the empty slogans we often say” 🔥 Activator of Social Change 🗣 Advisor of individuals and organizations concerning how to strategically navigate Clubhouse ❤️ Aspiring Mensch CLUBHOUSE OFFERINGS ( Click 🛎 to be notified ) : Tuesday: “Jewish Ethics- Sayings of the Ancestors” 🌻 11:00 Pacific Time Wednesday: “Ruth: A Case Study in Identity and Community” 🕍 6:00 PM Pacific Time (Pre-Shavuot learning with 929) 🤝 Let’s connect on Instagram! DMs are open. Connection, collaboration, and learning are the meaning of life. I wonder: How can I help you? Palo Alto, LA, NYC, TLV