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Joshua Peters




Self-Sabotage Breakthrough Coach Speaker, NLP practitioner, and Hypnotic Coach CEO/Founder The X-Factor Coach Ambitious leaders hire me to shatter 💥 self-sabotage in under 90 days. I help them overcome fears, doubts, and worries - ✨creating confidence and clarity✨ - in order to make a bigger impact⚡️and leave a legacy. 💰 🔗🔗 Creator of the 💥3P Xcelerator💥 a modern hypnotic coaching program designed for leaders to Xpand their Power, Purpose, and Performance. 
What results can you Xpect? 🔥Crush Anxiety 🔥Eliminate Self-Doubt 🔥Destroy Incessant Worry 🔥Harness Powerful Focus 🔥Generate Energy and Power 🔥Create Unstoppable Confidence 👉 Founder and CEO of The X-Factor Coach 👉 Creator of the High Performance Xcelerator A community for high performance and driven entrepreneurs to connect and Xcelerate in all areas of their life - health 💪, wealth 💵, and relationships 💃🕺. 👉 We provide the space - you bring your energy and enthusiasm. 🌎 Speaker and host at AGC Accelerated Global Connections - 4th Tuesday at 11am CST 🌏 🪅CLICK THE 🔔 TO GET NOTIFIED WHEN I MODERATE ROOMS AND CREATE EVENTS🪅 🎤CLUBHOUSE MODERATOR🎤 I love to moderate/co-moderate rooms on SELF-SABOTAGE, PROCRASTINATION, SUBCONSCIOUS CHANGE WORK, and more! (DM me on instagram to collaborate) Let’s connect if you’re interested in 🧠Mindset 🧘‍♂️Meditation 💸Entrepreneurs 🌱Personal Growth 🎈Life and Productivity Hacks 🪄Hypnosis and NLP (Certified Practitioner)